• Our Mission

    It is HanVoice's mission to empower and amplify the most effective voices for the North Korean Human Rights and Refugee Movement: the voices of North Korean refugees themselves. The Movement needs articulate and passionate advocates from North Korea to offer a window into the human experience in North Korea, and to expose why what’s happening is unacceptable.


    The objective is to have a North Korean resettled in South Korea begin to empower and build capacity within their own diaspora, and then take their efforts further to the broader North Korean Human Rights and Refugee Movement. Through this program, we will help build and empower the voice of, not only our Pioneer, but also a generation of North Korean global advocates and leaders that are going to make a change, and perhaps one day lead a free North Korea.


    The unwavering support and praise in the successful completion of the HanVoice Pioneers Project (HPP) 2013 & 2014 has called for the resumption of a sequel program in 2016.


  • How It Works

    Select a Candidate


    The HPP candidate must be a refugee with a passion to learn and spread the word about the human rights abuses in North Korea.


    The pioneer will come to Canada and work with our own advocates and policymakers to build the skill sets to spread the word about the cause on their own.


    The HanVoice Board has completed an extensive interview and selection process. We are pleased to announce Audrey Park as our 2016 Pioneer (bio coming soon).

    Phase 1


    The Pioneer will receive specialized hands-on and integrated training in Toronto which includes:


    1. Advocacy and leadership training (including development with respect to persuasive writing, giving effective oral testimonies, public speaking, strategic thinking, and leadership skills)

    2. English language lessons to increase English proficiency

    3. Hands-on advocacy work with HanVoice


    The Korean Canadian Women's Association is our partner in education, training, and leadership development for 2016.

    Phase 2


    The Pioneer will participate in an internship with a Parliamentarian's office in Ottawa to witness the mechanics of democracy and walk the Halls of Power.


    This will provide our Pioneer with

    extraordinary exposure to policymakers and equip the Pioneer with an understanding of effective advocacy at the highest level of government.


    The Honourable Senator Yonah Martin is our 2016 Parliamentarian partner.


    Please check out our Evaluation Report for 2014!

  • HPP 2016 Pioneer: Audrey Park

    If you missed our Pioneers Project Launch Party in July, you're in luck! Check out our 2016 Pioneer, Audrey Park, sharing her story at the event.



    Click below for a recap of the event by the Korea Times:

    HPP 2014 Pioneer: Sungju Lee

    Sungju Lee is a North Korean defector who was born in Pyongyang. His family was expelled to the northern part of the country when he was 11 years old after his father was accused of committing a transgression. Following five years of life as a street orphan, he was able to escape North Korea at the age of 16. He went on to study Political Science and Journalism in Sogang University (South Korea) and interned for Conservative MP Barry Devolin in Canada.


    Currently, Sungju is studying for a master's degree in International Relations at Warwick University (United Kingdom) on a Chevening Scholarship.



    "Through the HanVoice Pioneers project, I have been able to share my personal stories with countless Canadians, and I have been given the opportunity to raise awareness about the struggles of North Korean escapees in China, Thailand, and Mongolia. But as I spoke about these stories, I began to realize how vital it is to gain Canadians' support if we want to achieve the reunification of Korea successfully."


    Sungju Lee (HPP 2014 Alumni)

    Launch Event Photos

    HPP 2013 Pioneer: Seongmin Lee

    Seongmin is a North Korean defector who escaped his home country in 2009 and arrived in South Korea in 2010. He testified for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in 2010. From 2012 to 2013, he worked as a student journalist for the South Korean Ministry of Unification and then served as an assistant to a member on Parliament Hill in Canada. 


    Seongmin is currently studying Political Science & International Relations at Columbia University.

    “I have experienced in the past 6 months what I have never imagined possible when I escaped from North Korea. I have learned the skills and confidence which will allow me to be a leader for North Koreans on the international stage when the country becomes free in the future. I want to extend my bottomless gratitude to HanVoice for this opportunity.”


    Seongmin Lee (HPP 2013 Alumni)

  • Audrey's Campus Tour

    Audrey will be visiting our university chapters this month! Join us to hear our Pioneer's testimony and participate in Q & A.


    Tue Nov 8 at 7 pm | Western

    Western Science Centre room 240


    Wed Nov 9 at 7 pm | U of T

    Hart House South Dining room


    Thu Nov 10 at 6 pm | York

    Accolade Building East room 004


    Sat Nov 12 at 2 pm | Queen's

    Macdonald Hall room 001


    Date: Wednesday, August 31

    Time: 6:30 p.m.

    Location: 100 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 301


    • Audrey to share her opinions/perspectives (English) during discussions on Escape from Camp 14 
    • Audrey to share her story (Korean) 
    • Q & A
    • Mix and mingle 

    Launch Party (2016)

    HanVoice is launching its third HanVoice Pioneers Project, a six-month program designed to build and empower North Korean advocates and leaders to make lasting change, and perhaps one day, lead a free North Korea.

    HanVoice invites you to the unveiling of the Pioneers Project's first female participant, Audrey Park!

    Open Mic Night (2016)

    Join us for an epic Open Mic Night at the Korean Kitchen (Bloor & Christie) featuring local performers! Meet new people, support emerging artists, and enjoy a fun evening filled with music.

    Freedom Redefined (2014)

    Freedom. How do you define it? Join us for a night to explore the concept of Freedom through a screening of short films depicting some of the incredible challenges faced by North Koreans, pre and post-defection. Together, we will witness Freedom Redefined.


    Following the screening is a special Q & A session with our Pioneer, Sungju Lee.

    Launch Event Photos

    HPP Launch Event (2014)

    Thank you to everyone who attended the HPP 2014 Launch Event. From Shin Dong Hyuk's appearance to raffle prizes to delicious bites, the event was a great way to kick off this year's program.

    Ignite Fundraiser (2013)

    HanVoice is proud to announce the official launch of the HanVoice Pioneers Project with an evening of drinks, appetizers and discussion on Friday, July 26, 2013. Celebrate with us for the arrival of our first Pioneer, Seongmin Lee!

  • Get Involved


    Whether you're interested in helping out at events, hosting the Pioneer for an evening, or simply volunteering your skills, we'd love to hear from you!


    The HPP program would not be where it is without dependable and passionate volunteers. If you're interested, please email the Director of HanVoice Pioneers Project, Veronica Kim.

    In-Kind Donations

    You can help us out by making in-kind donations, including program necessities such as providing in-city transportation passes, meals, spare telephone and computer, English lessons, transportation to and from Ottawa, and organizing cultural activities for our Pioneer to participate in.


    Please contact our Executive Director Christopher Kim or the Director of HanVoice Pioneers Project Veronica Kim if there is anything you would like to offer!

  • Donate

    The entire operation of HPP relies on your donations. Without this generous support, our mission to empower leaders within the North Korean refugee community would not be possible.


    Our team of volunteers work hard to ensure that every dollar is used to directly support our mission and Pioneer.


    Your financial contributions will go towards:

    - transportation & travel costs

    - accommodation

    - advocacy & leadership programs

    - English language classes


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